Online Therapy Right For You?

Advantages and Benefits

There are many advantages and benefits to online therapy including the following: 

1.  You can engage in counseling services even if you are home-bound or live in a remote area in New Mexico.

2.  You can choose a single consultation or ongoing  counseling sessions

3.  You do not have to travel to a therapist's office or mental health clinic.

4.  It's possible to engage in therapy from home, work, or even while traveling.

5.  Online therapy is affordable and convenient

6.  Online therapy can be less intimidating with no stigma attached.

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Disadvantages and Risks


  • Problems associated with technology failures (i.e., power outages, crashes).
  • Risks to confidentiality due to technology (i.e. hackers).
  • Does NOT support a suicidal or homicidal client.
  • The requirement of being comfortable with computers and keyboard.
  • The fact that insurance providers may not pay for online therapy.
  • Does not meet the requirement for court-ordered or mandated therapy.




  • Face-to-face therapy or counseling from a mental health professional.
  • Finding a support group in the community.
  • Using family or friends as supports.
  • Reading self-help books.

You Should Not Consider Online Therapy If:

  • You have serious thoughts of hurting yourself or others.      
  • You have a chronic mental illness requiring intense treatment.
  • You prefer face-to-face therapy and it is available to you.
  • You are uncomfortable with computers.


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